{Asparagus, Coloring and Why I Have the Greatest Cat}

First off, let me say I just love food. As a lovely Some E Card so elegantly states, "My life is a constant battle: wanting to eat and not wanting to get fat." It's totally true. I will say that I do love to cook, and besides my wicked sweet tooth, I'm a pretty dang healthy eater. My most recent food love: Asparagus. Holy heck, yummmm.

Secondly, I  totally have a love/hate relationship this school. Can I get an amen? I never actually thought there would come a day that I would say that I love school.... but I truly do. Being in design classes... my heart just knows that's right where it belongs. It's home there. I love walking around campus [mostly]. I love wearing my backpack (really). But I have my moments. On days when I'm so tired I cry. On days where I think I might just want to hit my lovely, sweet, kindhearted, shortest Polish, hardass, architectural graphics teacher. Or on days when my little community college classroom is so cold that we have to bring our own heaters. Sometimes days where I just can't seem to bring myself out of bed. Or mostly the days when I'm so tired I have meltdowns and I have to call me (oh-so-amazing) boss and see if I can come in late [again] so that I can do homework. But really, it's all good. Truth be told, I really kind of love it when this is what homework makes me look like. But not when I'm at school and I have charcoal streaks on my forhead, or above my lip giving a moustache and no one tells me.

Lastly. I will admit that I'm a crazy cat lady. I just love my little kitty. She really is my best little friend. She snuggles more than any cat I've ever met. She's always there waiting at the door with me. She falls asleep with me. She amazes me. She knows when I'm sad, or stressed/overwhelmed. She knows if I'm sick, or if I'm having a lonely day and missing Kjirk. She always knows. And I love that she's really dumb. Her name is Scout. But she thinks it's Kitten. So Kitten she is. But sometimes she's Bean, or Dinglefritz (when she's being particularly daft), or most recently- Squeegy Beckenheim (does ANYone watch GG?). She seriously just sits in my lap while I do homework. She da best.

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