{Apartment Tour Part 2}

My apartment is slowly evolving into what I want it to be. In the process of becoming one step closer I completed more of my living room. One wall in my living room had some awesome molding on it. But with all the walls and molding being white, it made it difficult to notice. I'm allowed to paint my apartment, but I have to repaint it all when I leave. With not knowing how long I'll be here, combined with my hatred of painting, I have chosen to do as little painting as possible. But I decided this was a must. My mom came over and we spent the afternoon painting the inside of these molded rectangles my favorite aqua blue. The result: love. It's just what my funky, little eclectic apartment needed... as well as my contraband flowers I keep cutting from out courtyard. I can't help it! They make my apartment so cheery and they smell so good!

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