The Postal Service is an awesome band. The Unites States Postal Service, on the other hand, can be challenging. Don't get me wrong. I adore getting mail. My current obsession in getting letters from a certain someone at Boot Camp. Let me tell you, nothing beats that. However, the Unites States Postal Service in no way encourages beauty or creativity.

Recently I sent my friend, Kelsey, a beautifully wrapped package with Valentine goodies in it. Her mailman said it was stupid. She politely told him he was stupid.

So here I am... about to try again. Recently I had some of our (being Kelsey and my) friends over for dinner.  I decided we needed to craft. Considering my guests were all male, they weren't as thrilled as I, but love Kelsey nonetheless and were willing participants. We got out my new stamps and paper and all crafted her cards. I made a giant envelope out of a paper grocery bag and cut out hearts out of old books and glued them on. It's adorable. And happy. Oh, so happy.

Exhibit A:

We'll see if the United States Postal Service think the same...

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