I've been dreaming of Summer so much lately. It's going to come. Really it is. I can't handle winter any more. Thankfully daylight savings time helped. If I kept having to trudge home after work in the dark I just thought I was going to die.

I'm dreaming of luscious green trees and flowers growing all around me. I'm dreaming of my mom's garden. Cooking dinner with homegrown veggies. Swimming the day away in my favorite lakes. Jet skiing. I'm dreaming of being able to show off freshly painted toes. I'm dreaming of the way my street looks when the trees are full and provide shade. Cutting fresh bouquets from everything around me. I'm dreaming of wearing flower pretties in my hair. Of driving with the windows rolled down while the wind rushes through my hair. I'm dreaming of eating summer foods. I'm dreaming of wearing little sundresses. I'm dreaming of locking away winter coats. I'm dreaming of eating popsicles. I'm dreaming of the way summer smells. Of summer storms.

I'm ready.

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