{Apartment Tour}

So I moved in the very first of September, however it isn't until now now that I'm started to feel settled in. I thought today I would take some photos with all the sunshine. Would you like a tour?

This is a little nook I made by the radiator... I adore sitting by that darn radiator. Sometimes I bring my pillows and blankets and sleep there. It's heavenly. This is a where I start my mornings with cocoa and my Bible.
 This is an overall view (by my bedroom) of my living room and dining room. I love that they are distinctly separate, yet so open and spacious.
 All those plates on the wall were a cheap way to add some decor to the walls.
 Yeah... those are giant spoon and fork wall stickers. I love them!!

 Cute little towel rack.
 This is an old sheet of metal used under cars to protect the floors from grease... which I'm sure has a technical name... like I would know that! I use it as my little magnet inspiration board above my little sewing/craft table.
 Still in love with these chairs. Gotta love Target.

 My mom and I made these pillows because I am lacking chairs/sitting space in my living room. The pillows are great when I have friends over. We all just end up piling up on those things and watching movies. I think they are better than my little couch. I hate my stupid couch. :)
 Moving on to the kitchen...
 On of the things I adored most about this apartment was the black cabinets. How chic, right? Here I used an old locker basket as my bread basket, and a depression glass cake plate for fresh fruit. I use those open cupboards to display all my pretty dishes...
 Adorable mug from Meg.
 My most beloved pink dish set I found at a Sister's Sale.

 My "tupperware." I saw them on Fish's Eddy and adored them, and then a sweet reader told me I could get them here at Ferrante's. (p.s. I wold LOVE to go out to eat there...)
 Gorgeous pink goblets found at Goodwill for 99 cents each.
This adorable French bowl was a lovely Christmas gift.
 My sweet baby, Scout.

 I think I love pennet banners so much from my Farm Chick days!

 My little birdy salt and pepper shakers. The only thing is I don't like pepper... so they're both salt!

 Now to the bedroom...
 My bedroom colors are the same as those throughout my apartment. However, the colors in my bedroom are muted versions so that it is a more calm and relaxing environment.


  1. Okay, I am officially IN LOVE with your apartment. Seriously - every single picture I was like "Oooooh....so pretty!" You have such a great style! We should go thrifting sometime! I'm an olympic level thrifter. :)

  2. Charming, Darling, Young, Fresh, Cozy, Girly and Too Cute For Words!!! I love your apartment. What fun! Enjoy every moment in your new little nest.

  3. your place is so cute! you have such a good eye!

  4. Too cute, you have it so together. I'm so happy for you, you're going to go far with the eye that you have!

  5. wow!
    Amanda... just wow!!
    your little space is so cute and you have made it look so stylish in such a short time and those spoon and fork decals are awesome!!

  6. Your apartment is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Can I be your roommate? WOW! You have such a gift...what an eye for the "cool" that God has gifted you with. I know, and you have your mama to share it with. :) Love you Kirb! :)

  8. Thanks for the FUN apartment tour! Loved it all, my favorite...the tufted chair, near the window, perfect place to start your day with God.

    Blessings to you for a Happ New Year!

    Glad & Cel

  9. Wow.
    Basically can I move in?
    Your taste is similar to mine, yours has more edge and I like that.
    Few things:
    1. Where did you get that pink and also the green pillow on your bed?
    2.Where is your kitchen table from??
    3. And where is that black blanket on your bed from??

    It's SO nice to get inspiration!!!! thanks!!


  10. Love your decor! I think that is the sweetest place.
    My sister used to live in Spokane. Your apartment floorplan looks a bit like hers. lol
    Take Care,
    Tina Kay


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