I've been on the hunt for a perfect boot for a while now. Wait. Let me clarify. The perfect boot that doesn't cost me a month's pay. It's proven difficult particularly because I have them pictured magnificantly in my mind. That always happens to me, and then I never can find them. If only I could make shoes!

This seems to be the closest to what I'm looking for, yet still not right. Of course, they are from Anthro. And cost an arm and a leg. Which may be a good thing. Then I would only have to buy one boot. ;)


  1. I have been hunting for that same perfect boot that doesn't cost a bazillion dollars too---I'm starting to think it's not really out there. :)

  2. Have you tried eBay for boots and shoes?

  3. I am with you! I've been searching for the perfect pair for YEARS...why is it so hard? :)


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