{What you'll need this weekend...}

 The things you need this weekend: Ray Ban sunglasses (protect your eyes!), a blue cotton romper, straw fedora, Philosophy sunscreen (also protect your skin!!), Nars lip colour, Vampire Weekend CD (best ever), My new favorite perfume- Dior Addict, Red peep toed heels, a white watch, essie nail polish, lots of s'mores and Izze's and a few great books!
I hope you enjoy this fabulous summer weekend!
Do you have any amazing plans?


  1. Hello! I do not have amazing plans, but I do love your Must Haves for this weekend!

    Honestly though, no one, and I do mean No one, wants to see me in that jumper. Ha ha...
    But you 20 somethings- You go for it Girl!

    Have a Wonderful Fourth,

  2. Me again- Did I miss the Hippie wedding? Or is it coming up soon?


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