{Happy Monday}

Here it is already- Monday. And I'm only sort of ready for it. I have a big week ahead of me. Really big. Things including a Kid's Camp (and I'm the leader of the music/worship department), and at the same time, the hippie wedding. I've got more bridal showers to plan, and of course getting ready for the store. I'm helping my mom decorate for a huge LMP dessert and I think I may just lose my mind this week. If I haven't already.

To celebrate Monday let's celebrate one of my favorite things: ice cream. I'm an addict. I made some this weekend for my dad in our newly discovered flavor of orange chocolate. We love it. And aren't these spoons wonderful (and customizable!). I want a party.

So happy Monday, everyone. I hope it's lovely!

Lovely spoons can be purchased here.  Along with a bunch of other great things, too.


  1. I love ice cream, too!! We are doing an ice cream social Friday night for our youth group.

    Have fun at kids camp!! Hope the weather today doesn't mess up your plans.


  2. i love those cute scooping spoonS! :)


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