{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday, all! 

And it truly is very happy. Why? Well...

0. If you're tired of hearing me blog about the Farm Chicks... all I have to say is get used to it.
1. This weekend was amazing (I'll post pictures of the show and my beautiful treasures soon)
2. I got to "sleep in" until 7:30 AM.
3. Mostly I'm so happy because I can tell you a secret I've been keeping and have been dying to share!! Serena (of the Farm Chicks) is opening a shop in Spokane. If that wasn't exciting enough.... I'm the manager!

The shop will be opening hopefully sometime in July. And don't worry. I'll keep you all updated. :)

P.S. "So if Serena is the Farm Chick, does that make you the Farm...Duck? Goose?" -My dad


  1. Congrats on the new job!! How fun!! Where is the shop going to be located? I saw you coming through Farm Chicks with the chalk headboard and loved your mom's booth!

  2. Thanks! I'm super excited. It will be located near downtown. The exact location will be announced soon. I'm glad you liked our booth. We appreciate that so much!

  3. Amanda, I am so excited for you! I'm not surprised though, you have all the skills to make this a success : ) I can't wait to find out the location. And will you also be a buyer for the store? ~ Aunt Catherine


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