{Light Locations}

If you are ever short of inspiration head on over to Light Locations. It should definitely do the trick. Light locations is a site where "you can lease a beautiful, inspiring lifestyle location to shoot a film, take photos for your fashion magazine, or style a shoot for your upcoming book..." Or just dream of lovely fairy tales of a dream home. Isn't it so lovely?

Photos and quoted text courtesy of Decor8.


  1. Hi Amanda! Love the kitchen table with mixed matched chairs and picnic bench. Very restful for the eyes too!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Farm Chicks, so glad to have you as neighbors. xo Glad & Celia

  2. Hi Amanda, I found your blog through my sister over a I lovepretty little things, and I love it. I will be checking in alot. And maybe we will see you at the Farm Chicks show.


  3. These rooms are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I wish that I was going to Farm Chicks... :)


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