{My Week}

I know I have seemed to have disappeared this past week... but now I'm back! It was a very intense week for me. I am so happy of what has been accomplished this week, but also that it is finally over.

This week I...

-Worked full time.
-Had dinner with a friendie that I miss a lot.
-Decided I want this Juicy Couture Beau watch very much. It's only $295. Dang it.

-Didn't sleep much.
-Got a job offer out of the blue from my chiropractor (YAY!)
-Bought these Dollhouse shoes at Ross. I rocked them at Cody's first gig with his new band. Apparently that's not how you dress at a metal concert. Whatever.

-Bought 18 yards of eggplant colored tulle.
-Didn't have much of a voice- but sang on worship team anyway.
-Finished the week off with the wedding... and man was it so much work! But I think it turned out spectacular. I had the privilege of doing the flowers and the decorations. And when you're doing the flowers at your house instead of the floral shop, it makes you get a little creative...
This would be my bathtub.

I can't wait to show you actually pictures of the wedding. I'm not a good photographer and it was so dark the pictures I took didn't turn out so well. I'll share as soon as I get them.

Some of the bouquets...

We're not actually related, but he's my brother through and through and it was so good to see him.

How was your week?


  1. WOW! What a week! The flowers are Gorgeous!!! You are very talented.
    I hope that you have a relaxing week. :)

  2. So what will you do with all that eggplant purple tulle?

  3. Elizabeth- The eggplant colored tulle was for the wedding. However, now I own 18 yards of it. Maybe I could make a spectacular gown with a full tulle skirt to wear, well, nowhere. But I could. Any suggestions?


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