{Krystal and Julian}

I have the privilege of doing not only the flowers for another friend's wedding, but the decorations, too. I didn't know I would be doing the decoration until about a week ago (and the wedding is next month!). So I made sure to get lots of inspiration today. Her colors are David's Bridals' "lapis" and "honeydew." She doesn't really care at all about the decorations and is leaving it entirely up to me. Plus, everyone involved in the wedding will be wearing dark purple Converse. That's right, even the ladies. So.... that being said, it is a little challenging. However with all these lovely and inspirational pictures I found today I think we'll be just fine.
P.S. Click here to see photos of the last wedding I did.
Candlestick photo: Somewhere on the World Wide Web
Flower centerpiece: Martha Stewart Weddings Winter Magazine
Topiary & Monogram: Martha Stewart.com
Bridal Bouquet: By Simply Abundant Blooms, photography by Heather Thorne

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  1. that sonds like a wedding party I would want to be a part of.. Sounds like so much fun.. I love weddings.. Good Luck


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