{Destined for Greater Things}

I went to visit my sister this weekend. It was so nice to see her- we had so much fun. You may remember that my sister and I like to do photo shoots for her oh-so-stylish blog. (To see our last photo shoot click here.)
Unfortunately we don't have such a stylish budget. And what we do have- goes to the clothes. After all, it is about the fashion. So we do everything ourselves. But I think I like it that way.

This time our theme was winter fashion accessories.

Yes- that one's of me. My sister got me that adorable headband for Christmas and I had to show it off. Vintage lace dress and pearls courtesy of another sweet package from my Aunt Catherine to my sister.


  1. Those are wonderful! That's just what I had imagined for the necklaces and lace. I'm going to have a lot of fun looking for more props for you. I'm turning one of my wood sheds into a prop room for dishes ala Martha Stewart. Have you seen her prop room?!

  2. Great blog! I am now following you. Come by and check me out at http://www.frugalmommy3.blogspot.com and link up your giveaways!!! Thanks, Dawn

  3. Great picturs, I don't have a sister but I got my mom which is the next best thing for me and there is nothing better than spending a day together doing something you both lovve.. Love the headband..


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