{Room Makeover}

Oh I've been so excited to share this project with you! I've done a complete room makeover as an early birthday present for my boyfriend, Cody. He lives with 10 other boys, and by far his room was the worst! By his own demise, mostly.
His mom always made everything beautiful in their house since he was a kid. I think he has really missed being in such a pleasant environment. So this is what I've had up my sleeve for a while now. And he had NO idea. His birthday isn't until the end of November, but it just worked out so well for it to happen now--- he really needed it!
I told him that we should paint his room for fun. He thought that was the extent of it. And boy he thought I was sassy because I wouldn't let him pick the color. He's not your typical boy; he's very fashionable and has great taste.

(Okay, I know these pictures a blurry.... But I forgot my camera, so I used my phone instead.)
And this is after we had been cleaning for at least an hour

This is the inside of his closet. Again, this was after we had been cleaning for a long time.
Nice sheets, huh?

He knew I was "constructing" his birthday present... but he had no idea as to what it was. The whole time we were painting I was talking about how he should decorate it with some posters, or something. He was getting very excited. Little did he know...


That black locker is now a closet space for him. It was formerly a a great example of what never to do the spray paint. In Mustard color.

Each pillow was laboriously made with love by your truly.

Th bedspread couldn't have been a better find. It was so cheep and matched my other fabrics so well. It was actually meant for a queen size, so I did some sewing and made the other part that I cut into new curtains!

I left such big gaps under those road signs (the Detour one I found in a really disgusting basement of an estate sales... I love a good bargain.) so that he could put some more of his own snowboarding posters up.

Note that all the picture frames are empty because I am a dork and forgot to bring any.

When we were painting and talking about possibilities of decorating his room, he had mentioned putting shelves in this closet. Well, great minds think alike. I tried to put as many of his own things in that I could. Like the puffy-painted picture frame our friend made him for his birthday, his bongos, and TONS of comic book. This should be all about him.

There are those curtains I made from excess comforter. He fell in love with the clock.
I had been looking to buy a desk for him.... but I was having bad luck. The I found this perfect one in one of the closets in the house! Nobody wanted it, and it looks perfect!!!! And It was free. Plus I found it the day before when we were painting.... perfect timing.

Some fun details:
-I used a metal spice rack to display and organize his paints.
-One of the fabrics I used to make the pillows he picked out himself. He said he wanted it, but didn't know what to do with it. I knew it matched perfectly and just said "I'll get around to making something with it." I felt so sneaky.
-SO many of the details I got at the Dollar store. All of the organizational bins, the picture frames, the robot stickers for his cork board. I told you I love a bargain.... I don't think I paid full price for anything in the room.
- I built the shelves myself, too. Okay, my dad used the table saw.... But I did the rest.
-That chair has been in my barn for a while... I have been planning on putting it in here for ever. I cannot tell you how many times I heard him imply the he should be the owner of that chair. :)


  1. Hi Amanda! We think you did a great job!!! Love the pillows and color too. We bet Cody LOVES his new room.XOXO Glad & Cel/Junebug

  2. You did such a GREAT job on his room! I hope he's proud of his super creative girlfriend!


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