{The Mad Hatter Vintage Market}

This is our booth as a whole. Oh, we loved it so much! I feel like it really represented us and our styles personally. We loved every item we had. (Oh, and the rose mirror I featured earlier [in the left corner] never sold.... darn, I guess I'll have to make it my bathroom mirror... ;))
Vintage silver thermoses with our last zinnias from the season.

This space was across the dining area. We didn't know it was going to be ours for the show, but luckily we had packed a few extra things in case we sold any large items from our main booth. I didn't have much time at all either to put it up... but I had to do what Tim Gunn says best- "Make it work"

My girls! They looked so pretty in the corner.
I made those "puff balls" and flower balls specifially for the show, and purely for decoration... but I swear I could have sold them a hundred times! They are very very easy to make (maybe I'll do a tutorial sometime...). Now we are saving them for Thanksgiving. We have a spectacular and marvelous Thanksgiving planned with a rich color scheme that I will tell you about later.

Images: Cindy Panagos
We think we're a pretty good team.

Celeste is one of the most kind and encouraging people I have ever met. She's gorgeous inside and out... and so is her booth- Chaps! This day she was "Political Alice." And have you ever met someone who can wear Carheart overalls and pearls at the same time and pull it off? Well here she is, folks!

That's my great guy who is always supportive of me and helped us so much this weekend. I'm so thankful for him.

This is a part of Junebug's design. it was beautiful. Stunning, really. This was my favorite section of theirs, I believe.

I wish I would have snatched that clock up! I waited too long, though. I thought it was a clever design of display, to put it in the urn of moss.

Our nieghbors, Becky and Holly from All That Glitter who we just fell in love with. They were so much fun to be with. We were so lucky to be neighbors of such a lovely booth and such lovely and creative ladies.

So thanks to all the other vendors at the show. You are all so friendly and kind. Thanks to the amazing cooks who fed us the most delicious soups I have ever had. Thanks to my dad- who supports us and built us the most beautiful walls which got more compliments than anything in our booth! Thanks to Cody who was such a trooper. Thanks to Gladys and Celia and their family who put on the most amazing show! And thanks to my mom, who works so hard to make this possible for us.

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