{Erin's wedding}

I remember spending so much time with my best friend Sara and her sister, Erin when I was younger. Every Friday night, actually. And their mom would make us pancakes Saturday morning for breakfast- guaranteed. We would talk about everything together and dream together. And we would dream of one day being married and what our wedding would be like- because that's what girls do. And while Sara and I would talk freely- it was only once in a blue moon Erin would dare share with her little sister and her friend! So we dreamt for her, too.

So here we are now, growing up. And Erin's married! It was such a joy to be a part of planning it and getting to be there for her and what is really my other family. I also got to do all of her flowers. Because that what I've done for 3 years. I only do it part time seasonally now at the Floral Shop that I work at, but that leaves me time to do things like these which really mean so much to me.

That day was so much fun. The wedding was in their beautiful backyard. And as tradition, I stayed the night the night before. I set up shop in the laundry room, and it was perfect. I was a part of the whole day. Flowers, setting up, doing makeup, and even a rush to Starbucks with a very long list that required the employees to help carry them all out to me! It was a beautiful day in July.

{And so they lived: Happily Ever After}

P.S. Cameron Glass is responsible for these amazing photos. You can visit his website here.
Note: Those flower balls were just like the ones I made for the Mad Hatter Show. And unbelievably, they are made from faux flowers...... from the dollar store. And they fooled everyone! And they are something they can keep. Erin now has them hung up in her house.
P.S.S. I love doing wedding flowers and planning weddings in general- I'd be glad to hear from you any time! ;)


  1. hi Amanda :)

    thanks for commenting on my blog and saying hello. I know you have popped on over before but I only just realized how to comment on your blog - i thought there was no option before and I was sad cause this is a cute spot. For some reason I have to open the blog post singularly and then it gives me the option to comment?!

    This was a really really sweet post.
    pancakes, dreams and all :)
    And you did the flowers? amazing girl, that is a seriously fun talent to have! and job! It looked like such a lovely wedding - I adore the fresh green colour scheme.

    Also the gumdrop cushions are from an Amy Butler pattern. I got mine off ebay, but you should be able to easily find it by googling or her website to find any shop who stocks her stuff near you.

    And yes I love urban outfitters too!! unfortunately they don't ship to Australia so it's all just eye candy for me :(

    come back on over again soon!! :)

  2. I love the flower balls I might have to steal them for Bella's 1st birthday party.. It is Japanese theme but I want lots of color. I have five paper unbrella I am going to paint and some brite color flower balls just might be what I need to go with it..


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