I've been house-sitting for over 2 weeks and was forced to be away from my "stuff." It really realized how my "things" are not just things to me, they are treasure. And being away, I really missed my treasure. I also missed being creative. There isn't really a way to be creative while house-sitting. So when I got home I had to release my pent up creativity and decorate, making sure I could be around my treasure.
As my mom and I go junking I always keep my eye out for things for my house when I move out. I am determined to not be the college student who had to buy all the house things at once and could only afford crap. So... I have been collecting as I go. I really have been accumulating a lot! I seem to gravitate towards Turqouise things. I love the color Turquoise. I hope I never get tired of it, because I have so much of it! I've been saving everything away in the storage room for when I move away. But then I thought, "Wait, why am I not using this??!!" So that is how I released my creativity.
Here I used a sugar and creamer set as vases on my bedside table filled with fresh cut flowers from our yard.

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