How to Neon Your Office

I've been a little obsessed with pops of neon lately. Especially with nude hues. And now I decided it must be in the house, too.

Over the last weekend, husband and I decided to tackle what we like to call our "office/spare-bedroom/closet/Army-room/workout-room/craft-area. And yeah, it looked like what it sounded like. With a bit of cleaning time, an efficient trip to Value Village and some paint, we managed to make it a great space.

I thought adding a bit of neon in the office would be fun. Just a little. And in my own space. It's turned out great!

What You'll Need

Painter's tape
paintbrushes (I stocked up on these for 14/$1 at Michael's!)
your favorite accent color of paint
and of course- the items you have chosen to paint

Easy as 123

I found this simple perfect file folder box at Target for $14. I decided to paint the bottom two inches orange.

Pick your colors

But why stop there?? I was inspired by this in Pinterest, and decided to do my own variation of it. I found square tiles of cork for 4/$7. I painted each of them at an obscure angle. 

Photos of the finished product coming soon!

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