{Happy Saturday}

Here it is at 1 in the morning... waiting to go to bed. I just gave myself a mani and pedi and and am wait. wait. waiting for my nails to dry. I never wait long enough before I go to bed, and I inevitably wake up with lines from my sheets on my nails. Usually that's not the look I am going for. So tonight I am being patient. Sort of.

Tomorrow I go to a Spring Formal with one of the world's greatest guys. And I'm excited. Basically, it's like Prom all over again. I've changed my mind on my dress multiple times. This is the dress I've finally settled on. But basically, it looks nothing like that anymore. Not after me and my trust Huskvarna laid our hands and needles on it! I'm still contemplating on how to do my hair. I know it will involve braids and will be in an updo, but also trying to avoid the "Heidi" look. You know what I'm talking about. Here are some of my inspirations.

I'll be back Monday with photos! 


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