So I have this wonderful new job that I am in love with. I work at a shop called Bridal Collections. I get to sell wedding gowns. It's such a happy job. And for those of who just thought of Say Yes to the Dress... yes, it's just like that! For this job I have to "dress up." Which I love doing. I rarely wear jeans anyway, so this isn't a stretch for me. However, it's much more of a professional environment that I am used too. I definitely dress that way when I go to work, but I think I push the line. Today my boss told my co-worker that my boots were "almost borderline." Does anyone else find that comment ironic at all?

 (Note the "almost borderline: boots.)

The last outfit I didn't wear to work... but I like it nonetheless. I think I'll start doing outfit posts on a regular basis. Any thoughts on that?

P.S. Isn't the pink chippy mirror I'm taking the photos in amazing? I love it.


  1. I think that you look young and adorable and if I had a daughter who was looking for a wedding dress I would have all the confidence in the world in You.
    Cute, cute style!

  2. Me again- What is happening with the Farm Chicks store?

  3. Hey...I love the boots. They're very cool. But I totally "get" what the Bridal Collections owner is saying. They don't scream "stuffy-professional woman." Hehe...

  4. Continue to "live on the edge"! The boots are FABULOUS and you look wonderful!! So glad I found your blog.

  5. So happy for you and your new job! You look amazing as always....and great style too!

    XO Glad & Cel/Junebug


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