{A decision}

I'm at such a crossroads in my life. Nothing that I have ever planned for myself is still in effect. Really... nothing. While sometimes I am overcome with emotions and sadness, I try not to dwell on it, and instead focus on the potential. Wow. The potential. I've really had to reevaluate my life which beckons the question, "What the heck do I want to do with my life?" What do I want? Well, I've decided. I'm starting school in January. I'll graduate in 4 years from Washington State University with a BA in Interior Design. I really want to be a prop stylist for sweet photoshoots. Okay, dream job? Prop stylist for Anthropologie catalog photo shoots. I'm dreaming big.

I'm showing you right now some of my favorite work from interior stylist, Lo Bjurulf, who works for Ikea (also a fun job). I find it all so inspiring.

Images found here.

P.S. Thanks for everyone for keep on letting me rant about all the drama in my life. I think it pretty much over now. I hope. You guys rock. :)


  1. Good for you! When in doubt about the direction of your life, going to school to learn something new is ALWAYS a good start. Good luck! La

  2. Congratulations...Following your dreams is always a good first ingridient in the recipie of life, sometimes being safe makes for a bland casserole. As long as you keep us posted as to how you are doing....


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